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Hi! My name is Steve

I'm the founder of Epic Dads Club. Life has been pretty up and down since I became a dad. Read my story and find out why I want to bring dad's together to talk about why it's ok if you feel a bit shit, out of your depth or kicked into the sidelines.


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Epic Dads Club guide to lockdown with kids

Aside from all the devastating stories we’ve all heard, there have been amazing stories of families connecting on another level. The extra time we’ve been gifted has allowed us to form closer bonds with our kids. 

And as a dad, it’s the ideal opportunity to build even stronger bonds and become an epic dad.

We're launching the club this year! 

I’ve been there. I get it. Which is why I'm launching Epic Dads Club

Becoming a dad you’ve joined the best club in the world and I’m here to make it just that little bit easier.

My vision is for us to live in a world in which every dad forms a bond as strong as their mum.

So my mission is to inspire, educate and support you. Creating a community for us dads to form stronger bonds with our kids.



Why should you join?

  • Feel reconnected with your kids
  • Feel in control of being a parent
  • No more sitting on the sidelines
  • Join an incredible community of like minded, Epic Dads in a private Facebook Group
  • You’re no longer alone in raising your kids
  • Sign up and get the support you need
  • Join our affiliate programme, invite other dad’s and pay for your membership, or even earn money from the programme



“It's great to know that there are other dads out there that have also struggled - some really good tips here that have really helped”

— Mark // Los Angeles
“Steve has really helped me understand how to connect with both by new born and how to help my wife through the pregnancy.”

— Drew // London
“Since speaking to Steve, I've learnt so much about connection. I no longer make myself busy doing other things - I'm owning being a dad.”

— Sebastian // Perth

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